Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Our scale model replicas are created with the utmost respect for the original vehicle designs and are intended solely for adult collectors. These replicas are crafted to be faithful representations of the original vehicles, produced to a high standard of detail and accuracy.

Intended Use: Our products are designed as collectibles and are not intended for use as toys or for any other purpose that might imply a competitive or commercial use of the original vehicle designs. We do not compete with car manufacturers; instead, we offer products that cater to the interests of scale model enthusiasts and collectors.

Licensing: We believe that our scale model replicas do not require a licence from the original car manufacturers because:

  • They are not competing with the original manufacturers, but rather with other scale model manufacturers.
  • They do not cause any damage to the car brand or its reputation.
  • They are not used in a manner that implies endorsement or association with the car brand without proper authorisation.

Legal Precedents: There have been numerous legal precedents where model manufacturers in similar situations have been successful in defending their right to produce and sell scale models without the need for a licence. These cases have established that:

  • Copyright law applies primarily to works of art, literature, and other creative expressions.
  • Car designs, as functional objects, do not fall within the scope of copyright protection.

Intellectual Property: We respect the intellectual property rights of car manufacturers and believe that our products comply with all relevant UK and EU laws regarding intellectual property. Our replicas are produced with the intent to celebrate and honour the original vehicle designs without infringing on the rights of the car manufacturers.

Notice: If any party believes that their rights are being infringed upon by our products, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter and resolve any concerns amicably. Please contact us directly to address any issues.

By purchasing or using our scale model replicas, customers acknowledge and agree that these products are intended for personal collection purposes only and do not imply any official endorsement or affiliation with the original car manufacturers.

Stirling Scale is not in any way affiliated with Aston Martin®

Stirling Scale is not in any way affiliated with Porsche®

Stirling Scale is not in any way affiliated with Ferrari®

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