Production Information

Stages of Production

1. Selection of the Model Car

Choosing which car to replicate involves careful consideration. We need to ensure that there is sufficient demand to meet our minimum order quantity, making the production economically viable. This decision is backed by extensive market research to identify models that collectors are actively seeking.

2. Sourcing and Scanning the Original Car

After selecting the model, we locate an original vehicle. Our specialist team, equipped with advanced 3D scanning technology, travels to the car to accurately capture all dimensions and proportions, ensuring our model is as true to the original as possible.

3. Processing 3D Scans and CAD Development

We use the data from the 3D scans to construct a digital model using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This model is essential for designing the tooling required for production. The design undergoes multiple rigorous reviews over approximately 30 days to ensure it meets our high standards.

4. Tooling Manufacture

Tooling is crafted from durable steel to withstand the high pressures and temperatures (up to 450 degrees Celsius) of the die-casting process. Separate toolings for each component part add to the complexity and cost. This phase typically takes between 1.5 to 2 months.

5. Development of Plastic and Metal Components

The plastic components such as interiors and engine details, along with wheels and suspension systems, are precision-engineered using high-quality injection molding. Metal springs are used for the suspension to enhance durability and realism.

6. Deco Sample

The initial prototype, combining all manufactured parts, is assembled and painted. This first iteration is scrutinized for any discrepancies with the original design. Necessary adjustments to tooling or components are made at this stage, which may affect cost and delay production if revisions are required.

7. Production

Following the approval of the deco sample, full-scale production commences. Our skilled team takes approximately 45 days to manufacture, assemble, conduct quality checks, and package about 3000 models, ensuring each meets our exacting standards.

8. Shipping to Retail Partner

The completed models are shipped by sea to our retail partner, Model Universe. They handle all pre-orders and manage the distribution of any remaining inventory through their online platform.

This thorough approach ensures each model from Stirling Scale not only meets but exceeds the expectations of collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

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